Marketing Consulting Group

About us

Marketing Consulting Group (MCG) is a research company founded in 2012. We are engaged in analytics and market research, consumer behavior, public opinion, as well as consulting in the field of marketing and business development.


The MCG team consists of: business consultants, senior and junior analysts, supervisors, recruiters and interviewers.

The priority of intelligence over emotions is a key value of our team.

How we are working?

The client contacts us with a specific task.
And we conditionally divide these tasks into 2 types:


All research conditions have already been determined, and we are only planning and calculating the implementation. We prepare a proposal for such a project within 2 working days.


When the client indicates goals, objectives, wishes, expected results and, possibly, a vision for implementation. In this case, we initially turn on our expertise and think through the progress of the project from the level of tasks and goals (what can be obtained and how and where it could be applied to possible implementation options.

Next we carry out negotiations. As a rule, these are interesting discussions on the topic, as a result of which the most optimal solution to the customer’s current problems will be born.

The negotiation process and preparation of such a proposal can take from 2-3 days to 1-2 weeks.

Based on an analysis of our projects since 2012, we can confidently say that most of our customers come to us precisely for an individual approach to solving their problems and for the expertise of our team.

By choosing our company, you get:

  1. Confidentiality

    All data received from the customer as a result of research or an audit is a trade secret.

  2. Professional ethics and standards

    When conducting research, we comply with the Code of Professional Ethics of Sociologists and follow the quality standards for collecting and analyzing information of the International ICC/ESOMAR Code.

  3. Objectivity and honesty

    We openly say that we honestly present data that fully reflects reality so that something can be done with it.

  4. Professional competence

    We know how to do what we undertake and know how to learn in order to extend our competence to new areas. If we are not sure that we can complete the customer’s task, we either look for specialists with the necessary competencies to join the project team, or we do not take on the project.

  5. Inclusivity

    We treat every person equally, regardless of their appearance, health, origin, gender, religion, social status.

  6. Ethical

    We do not work with companies whose activities harm humanity and interfere with social development, higher standards of living, peace, stability and sustainable development goals. And we do not work with those who support the war in Ukraine.