BEAUTYDERM brand awareness research


A Ukrainian manufacturer of skin and hair care cosmetics approached MCG with the task of measuring awareness of one of its brands — BEAUTYDERM, which is represented on the Ukrainian market in the categories of face and body cosmetics.

The target audience of the research was women aged 18-40 living in the five largest cities of Ukraine: Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa and Lviv.

Progress of research work

Since the brand is represented in 2 categories (face and body), it was decided to measure awareness for each category separately.

The research was conducted on an online panel using the classical method:

Top of Mind

The first brand (TM) is mentioned when a product category is mentioned.

Awareness "without a hint"

Additional brands are mentioned when mentioning a product category.

Awareness “with a hint”

Selecting from the proposed list of brand logos (TM) those that are known to the respondent.

Research results

The level of awareness of the target audience about the BEAUTYDERM TM was quantitatively studied in comparison with competing brands in the segments of facial and body care cosmetics. Recommendations were provided on possible further actions to increase awareness and win the competition.