Portrait of the BEAUTYDERM brand target audience core


The purpose of the research was to portray the core of the target audience of the BEAUTYDERM brand — those who constantly buy and use the products of this brand.

To achieve this goal, a series of in-depth interviews were conducted with loyal consumers of this brand's cosmetics.

In such a type of research, special attention is paid to the stage of selecting participants, since the most loyal ones need to be selected for interviews. Therefore, each potential research participant shared with us detailed information about the brand's products used, which allowed us to select suitable participants.

Research results

As a result of analysing the core of the target audience of TM BEAUTYDERM, MCG experts found out the features of the process of choosing and purchasing skincare cosmetics, the main preferred parameters of the product, packaging, possible contexts and meanings of purchasing skincare cosmetics.

The final part of the report included recommendations regarding further positioning and communication for the brand under research, as well as recommendations for retaining and increasing the loyalty of the core audience.