Exploratory research of the TV audience in Slovak Republic

Client: Sweet.TV

Before entering the Slovakian market, the international online cinema Sweet.TV wanted to analyze the "particularities of the soul" of the Slovak consumer of TV content,this is why it turned to MCG specialists. For the first stage, it was decided to conduct an express survey from a cycle of in-depth interviews among typical representatives of the target audience.

In order to respond the selection criteria, the informant had to:

  1. be born and raised in Slovakia, and also live there at the time of the research;
  2. spend 10 hours a week on watching TV content (series, movies, TV shows, etc.);
  3. have experience of at least one paid subscription to online platforms or streaming services, additional packages from TV providers, etc.

Also, in order to collect a full range of opinions from various segments of the audience, informants were purposefully recruited from different regions and types of settlements, of different genders and ages, with different habits and preferences in the field of TV content.

The data obtained during the in-depth interviews were presented in the form of an analytical report containing:

  • Review of typical practices of TV content consumers, their motivation and self-perception.
  • Trajectories of choosing platforms for viewing TV content, basic requirements for them, features of functionality.
  • Analysis of the TV content selection situation, typical requirements and expectations of the audience.
  • Criteria for the prestige of TV content, typical for the Slovak consumer.
  • A description of the peculiarities of the Slovak viewer's perception of foreign content.
  • Analysis of the attitude towards duplicating foreign language content.

The exploratory research by its nature, was designed for a quick and indicative answer, which allows to understand the state of the TV production market in Slovakia in general, thereby giving the customer the opportunity to reasonably solve tactical tasks when entering the market. In addition to the answers to the questions, the research made it possible to prepare a methodological base for the next stages — a quantitative audience survey — the results of which will allow solving strategic issues of the direction.