Research of the local market for well-being services

Client: IN-Person Corporate

MCG specialists were contacted by the company that was the first to provide well-being services in Ukraine. The purpose of the research was to study the competitive environment and prepare recommendations for further development of marketing policy.

To achieve this goal, MCG analysts conducted a two-stages research:

1 stage of research

Comparative analysis of the marketing of the main market players according to the following parameters:

  • positioning,
  • the benefits that are claimed,
  • products offered,
  • market behavior,
  • who they are targeting, how they are promoting,
  • who they work with,
  • information about specialists.

This stage of the research was carried out using desk analysis methods, working with open sources, secondary data and social networks.

2 stage of research

Reconnaissance of offers from competitors and our customers using the "Mystery Shopping" method according to the following indicators:

  • proposed solutions,
  • commercial offers, price lists,
  • prices and terms of cooperation,
  • positioning, which is demonstrated when working with a request,
  • the benefits that are claimed,
  • information about specialists who provide services,
  • managers’ work with requests.

To obtain reliable data, it is important that employees of the companies being studied do not realize that they are being studied. And for this, careful preparation is important. Together with the customer, a single request for the service was formed, and answers to frequently asked questions were prepared. Our specialist worked under the guise of being the HR manager of a real company, communicated from the corporate email of this company, and held meetings on Zoom. As a result, all the necessary information was obtained.

Research results

At the end of the research, the customer received a presentation of a report with a detailed description of each studied parameter, conclusions and recommendations. And the results of this research will allow the customer to formulate their marketing policy for the coming years.