Website business audit

Client: Protech Solutions Ukraine

MCG consultants conducted a business audit of the online representative office of Protech Solutions Ukraine, a leading supplier of medical equipment in Ukraine.

The main task of the audit was to obtain an independent expert assessment of the current position of the site, as well as to conduct an analysis of how effectively it copes with the function of the company's online representation.

The work was carried out in several stages:

  • Audit of current site performance indicators using modern web analytics tools, and analysis and experience of MCG company specialists.
  • Analysis of the structure and content of the site.
  • Analysis of the sites of suppliers and nearest competitors.

The results

The concept of the company's new website was developed, including various options for the structure with a clear and clear argumentation for each recommendation. As a bonus, the customer received an audit of the company's logo, also with recommendations for possible improvements.