The purpose of this method is a competent and balanced assessment of the object of study (goods, services, ideas).

Successful and best on the market, reference or typical examples are taken as the researched samples. These examples can be compared both among themselves and with the customer's products.

To carry out the research, a special working group of 3-10 people is formed, the composition of which is determined on the basis of the goal, tasks and the product under study. These may be MCG representatives, users, experts, opinion leaders, customer employees, etc.

During the research, all significant parameters, both technical and consumer, are compared and compared in order to find out what the success of this or that product is.

It is important that the development of the benchmarking procedure and the analysis of the received information be performed by a highly qualified specialist. In order to correctly draw conclusions and give reasonable recommendations that will be meaningful and useful for the customer, a serious theoretical basis and practical experience are necessary, as well as the ability to adapt the information received to the realities of the customer's business.

Based on the results of the benchmarking, a list of recommendations is provided to improve and modernize products (goods or services).