Exit poll

An exit poll is a short survey after visiting a certain place, taking a certain action, which, unlike other traditional quantitative surveys, is ideal for finding out one clear task. It is focused on getting clear, factual answers, without ratings or comments.

The result of the exit poll is the distribution of respondents' answers to one-two, maximum three questions.

An example of an exit poll survey at the exit of a supermarket:

  • Have you bought milk now?
  • Yes.
  • Which manufacturer?
  • Respondent's answer.
  • What kind of fat?
  • Respondent's answer.

In contrast to the usual quantitative survey, the exit poll assumes a questionnaire of minimum size, which allows to interview a larger number of respondents (up to the compilation of a continuous sample, i.e. interviewing all possible informants in a certain place). This guarantees a higher level of statistical accuracy.