Marketing research

MCG conducts market research, consumer behavior and public opinion research based on individual customer requests.

We can perform both broad, fundamental research and express research to solve operational tasks.

Every day, MCG specialists improve and increase their level of qualification, understanding of the subtleties and features of the market, applying to their accumulated experience in all new projects.

While conducting qualitative, quantitative and synthetic research, we use all analytical methods, namely: correlation, regression, factor, cluster, discriminant analysis, series of dynamics, construction of neural networks and decision trees, etc.

Practice shows that in order to obtain significant results, in addition to the mastery of analytical tools, the skills of effectively combining various methods of obtaining, analyzing and interpreting data are also important. The validity and practicality of the recommendations depends on the level of qualification of the researchers group.

When conducting research, we adhere to the Code of Professional Ethics of a Sociologist and follow the following quality standards for the collection and analysis of information of the ICC/ESOMAR International Code:

  • scientifically based methods of obtaining information
  • representative sample calculation
  • respecting the rights of respondents (protection of survey anonymity)
  • observance of the rights of the customer (protection the confidentiality of commercial information)
  • training of interviewers and other field personnel
  • providing the customer with full information about the progress of the research
  • provision of reliable information obtained during the research in the report

Our Projects