The purpose of testing is to assess the qualities of the research object through the eyes of representatives of the target audience in the process of direct use.

Testing, as a rule, is used to predict the demand for a product in the market when developing new or improved versions, to find growth areas for improving production or marketing aspects of products, or to find new ideas for use cases.

Testing can be carried out:

  • only for the customer's products;
  • for products of both the customer and its competitors;
  • only for competitors' products.

For example, the customer is aware of the popularity of a certain competitor's product, and during its testing it is possible to reveal important consumer characteristics and use this information in the development or modification of own products.

Testing venue

  • In the acquisition environment.
  • In a direct use environment.
  • In a specially equipped room.

In the course of the research, the reactions, feedback and opinions of the target audience regarding the subject of the research are studied. The preferences and important consumer characteristics identified by the audience can be used in positioning and promotion, and also become the basis for UTP (unique selling proposition). Identified and eliminated shortcomings make it possible to achieve a better result on the market.